Metamaterial ANTennas for IDentification

MANTID srl is a spinof company of the University of Sannio, founded in 2007 by Profs. Giuseppe Castaldi, Andrea Cusano and Vincenzo Galdi, together with two former students, M.E. Paolo Mattera and Roberto Parente.

Its key mission and core business is the design and development of custom antennas relying on metamaterial-based concepts and technology. The application scenarios of interest include:

  • Real-time localization and tracking systems via radio-frequency identification technology;
  • Frequency-modulated-continuous-wave and ultrawideband radar systems;
  • Radar-based artificial reality tracking;
  • On-chip antennas;
  • Wireless sensors and transponders;
  • Internet of things;
  • Microwave/millimeter-wave devices;
  • Low electromagnetic observability.

The company relies on state-of-the-art full-wave 3D simulation and fast-prototyping tools, so as to guide the customer through all necessary steps from the problem identification to its solution.

Relevant patents