Multiple actions of time-resolved short-pulsed metamaterials


Recently, it has been shown that temporal metamaterials based on impulsive modulations of the constitutive parameters (of duration much smaller than a characteristic electromagnetic timescale) may exhibit a nonlocal response that can be harnessed so as to perform elementary analog computing on an impinging wavepacket. These short-pulsed metamaterials can be viewed as the temporal analog of conventional (spatial) metasurfaces. Here, inspired by the analogy with cascaded metasurfaces, we leverage this concept and take it one step further, by showing that short-pulsed metamaterials can be utilized as elementary bricks for more complex computations. To this aim, we develop a simple, approximate approach to systematically model the multiple actions of time-resolved short-pulsed metamaterials. Via a number of representative examples, we illustrate the computational capabilities enabled by this approach, in terms of simple and composed operations, and validate it against a rigorous numerical solution. Our results indicate that the temporal dimension may provide new degrees of freedom and design approaches in the emerging field of computational metamaterials, in addition or as an alternative to conventional spatially variant platforms.

Applied Physics Letters 122(2), 021701