Effects of deterministic disorder at deeply subwavelength scales in multilayered dielectric metamaterials


It is common understanding that multilayered dielectric metamaterials, in the regime of deeply subwavelength layers, are accurately described by simple effective-medium models based on mixing formulas that do not depend on the spatial arrangement. In the wake of recent studies that have shown counterintuitive examples of periodic and aperiodic (orderly or random) scenarios in which this premise breaks down, we study here the effects of deterministic disorder. With specific reference to a model based on Golay-Rudin-Shapiro sequences, we illustrate certain peculiar boundary effects that can occur in finite-size dielectric multilayers, leading to anomalous light-transport properties that are in stark contrast with the predictions from conventional effective-medium theory. Via parametric and comparative studies, we elucidate the underlying physical mechanisms, also highlighting similarities and differences with respect to previously studied geometries. Our outcomes may inspire potential applications to optical sensing, switching and lasing.

Optics Express 28(7), 10199