Reconfigurable anisotropy and functional transformations with VO2-based metamaterial electric circuits


We demonstrate an innovative multifunctional artificial material that combines exotic metamaterial properties and the environmentally responsive nature of phase-change media. The tunable metamaterial is designed with the aid of two interwoven coordinate-transformation equations and implemented with a network of thin-film resistors and vanadium dioxide (VO2). The strong temperature dependence of VO2 electrical conductivity results in a significant modification of the resistor network behavior, and we provide experimental evidence for a reconfigurable metamaterial electric circuit that not only mimics a continuous medium, but is also capable of responding to thermal stimulation through dynamic variation of its spatial anisotropy. Upon external temperature change, the overall effective functionality of the material switches between a “truncated cloak” and a “concentrator” for electric currents. Possible applications may include adaptive matching resistor networks, multifunctional electronic devices, and equivalent artificial materials in the magnetic domain. Additionally, the proposed technology could also be relevant for thermal management of integrated circuits.

Physical Review B 91(13), 134105