This new website is intended to showcase the main research activities and results of our Lab. Lay summaries are provided to describe our research topics in an accessible way. More technical details are given in the project pages, together with the relevant publications.

Design and implementation

The website is built with Jekyll Bootstrap. Bibliographies and citations are automatically generated via the Jekyll Scholar plugin.


We forked the open source templates that were kindly made available by the Bedford Lab and the Drummond Lab.

The banner images appearing in the homepage are adaptations of:

  1. The great wave off Kanagawa, by Hokusai. Source: Wikipedia
  2. Refraction 2.0, by Belem Lett. Source: abc.net.au
  3. Symmetry E70 (butterflies), by Maurits C. Escher. Source: ayay
  4. A chaotic system, by Annie Clavel. Source: annieclavel.com.
  5. Gravitational waves, by Bahaar Dhawan Rohatgi. Source: Mojarto
  6. Keyword cloud generated by Scimeter.